Inflation Sensitive ETF Portfolio


​Astoria’s Inflation Sensitive Strategy targets funds that are sensitive to rising inflation, such as: Industrials, Materials, Agribusiness, Gold Miners, Energy, Physical Commodities (Gold & Silver), Home Construction, Financial Services, Metals and Mining, Copper Miners, and TIPS.

Cyclicals Stock Portfolio


​Astoria’s Cyclicals Stock Portfolio targets 30 stocks sensitive to an acceleration of the global economy that demonstrate above average quality and earnings growth characteristics.

Disruptive Growth ETF Portfolio


​Astoria’s Disruptive Growth Strategy invests in the following themes: Genomics / Biotech, Innovative Technology, Self-Driving Cars, Robots / AI / Machine Learning, IPOs, Cloud / Internet of Things, Virtual Healthcare, Blockchain Technology, Fintech, VR / Gaming, 3D Printing, and Renewable Energy.