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Check out our CNBC interview where we discussed secular investment trends for 2020! 

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ETF Managed Portfolios, Model Delivery, OCIO & Sub Advisory Services

ETF Managed Portfolios, Model Delivery, OCIO & Sub Advisory Services

Astoria is an investment management firm that specializes in research driven, cross asset, ETF portfolio construction. Our core services include investment management, model delivery, OCIO and sub advisory services.

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As part of our product offering, we will be providing ongoing Cross Asset & ETF content.

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> Core Portfolio & Bespoke Model Delivery

We focus on generating attractive, risk adjusted returns over varying market cycles.  Solutions can also be custom tailored to solve for the end client’s need.

February 25, 2020

Astoria Profiled as Outsourced CIO to RIAs

March 27, 2020

The S&P 500 is up 17% from Monday’s low. Now what?

February 19, 2020

CNBC Interview on the Coronavirus, China, Thematic Investing, and Alternative ETFs

February 5, 2020

Key Takeaways from the 2020 Inside ETFs Conference

January 26, 2020

The Future of the ETF Industry

January 25, 2020

Active Fund Managers Entering the ETF Space

January 23, 2020

10 ETFs for 2020: Zack’s ‘ETF Spotlight’ Podcast

January 23, 2020

Astoria will be Presenting at the Annual Inside ETFs Conference

January 6, 2020

Astoria is Tilting Towards US Value, Emerging Markets, International Developed, China, & Commodities

December 31, 2019

Investors Miss Out on Strong International Gains

March 26, 2020

Think Long Term and Think Strategically

March 20, 2020

Don't Try to Time the Market

March 16, 2020

What’s the Coronavirus ETF Playbook?

March 13, 2020

Special Report: Prior Epidemic Statistics and CIO Thoughts

February 21, 2020

How to Construct an ETF Model Portfolio? A 5 Step Program

January 20, 2020

Astoria’s Quarterly Investment Committee ETF Insights

January 5, 2020

What will Drive Risk Assets in 2020?

January 2, 2020

10 ETFs for 2020


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