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Data on a Touch Pad

Cycle Indicators, Risk Metrics, and Portfolio Positioning

Data on a Touch Pad

Cycle Indicators, Risk Metrics, and Portfolio Positioning

About Astoria

Astoria is an investment management firm that specializes in research-driven, cross-asset, ETF, and thematic equity portfolio construction. Our core services include investment management, research, and sub-advisory services.

Astoria delivers comprehensive investment management, research, and operational solutions to independent RIAs in need of institutionalizing their portfolios and optimizing their workflow in order to best serve clients. 

Astoria's Value Proposition

We empower advisors through our award-winning research and best-in-class stock and ETF models.
We increase operational efficiency through back-office functions including trading, billing, performance reporting, corporate actions, rebalancing, and tax-loss harvesting.
We have a proven history of helping advisors win new business
We focus on generating attractive risk-adjusted returns across varying economic cycles.
We offer a range of portfolio solutions across strategic ETF models, quantitative stock portfolios, and custom tailor-made solutions
The average tenure amongst our investment team is over 20 years. We have 3 CFA’s on staff.

Astoria offers a comprehensive range of investment management strategies, research, and services for independent RIAs. Our research-driven ETF and equity portfolios are stress-tested through various quantitative models to best understand portfolio risks. Astoria's research is macro and cross-asset with a strong emphasis on tailored content to each of our clients' needs. With Astoria acting as an OCIO and sub-advisor to RIAs at their designated custodian, our clients are able to outsource all operational matters of portfolio management from trading and rebalancing to tax loss harvesting. 

Astoria uses quantitative risk modeling, with a dynamic overlay, to help determine when risk budgets should be expanded or minimized.

Astoria has manufactured institutional caliber investment strategies in a low-cost format leveraging the benefits of the ETF product (liquid, tax efficient, diversification, transparent). We utilize a disciplined, quantitative, and cross-asset investment process to participate in upside exposure while hedging downside risks during stressed markets.

Our investment management process is a constant feedback loop between research, portfolio construction, and risk management. Investment decisions are made using strong economic and quantitative rationale backed by data. Astoria employs ongoing research assessment of these models to manage its investment processes and outcomes.

We believe Astoria's comprehensive range of sub-advisory services empowers the deliverables and outcomes of advisors in order to best serve their clients.

A Story about Astoria

Press Release

Firm Overview

How an OCIO helps RIA's Grow

Who Does Astoria Work With

Investment Advisors

A range of portfolio solutions across managed ETF portfolios, quantitative stock portfolios, and custom-tailored solutions for financial advisors

Institutional Investors

Comprehensive portfolio solutions for endowments, corporation and family offices

Corporate 401-K

Investment advisory, portfolio solutions, research, and tools 

Strategy Spotlight

Dynamic Aggressive ETF Portfolio

70/30 Allocation

Dynamic Growth ETF Portfolio

60/40 Allocation

Multi-Asset Risk Strategy Portfolio

50/50 Allocation

Risk Managed Income Model

15/85 Allocation

High Quality US Stock Portfolio

40 Market-Cap-weighted, Sector Optimized, High Quality Stocks

High Growth US Stock Portfolio

40 Equal-weighted, Sector Optimized, High Growth Stocks

Astoria in the News

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2022 ETF of the Year - AXS Astoria Infla
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The Latest from Astoria


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