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Astoria’s ETF Insights: A Surgical Look at QUAL, DGRW, EDIV, DNL, and GDX

Astoria's Founder and CIO, John Davi, appeared on CNBC TV on July 22, 2019 to discuss gold, US high quality stocks, emerging markets, and our portfolio construction approach. In the interview, John mentioned a few ETFs (QUAL, DGRW, EDIV) which Astoria currently utilizes in several of our ETF portfolios. In this report, we provide more detailed characteristics on these ETFs as well as a few others. Specifically, we provide the following in the attached presentati­­­on:

  1. Detailed ETF Risk Characteristics

  2. Factor Analysis

  3. Risk/Return Attributes

  4. Benefits of including Gold in a multi-asset portfolio

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