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Aberdeen and Astoria to Co-Host a Webinar on Commodities and Alternatives

As market turbulence increases, portfolio diversification has taken center stage AND advisors are increasingly turning to commodities and alternatives to help their clients weather the storm. How can advisors learn more about commodities and alternatives, as well as implementation strategies for the investors they serve?

Register for an upcoming webinar to hear from John Davi, Founder and CIO at Astoria Portfolio Advisors, and Stan Kiang, Director of Strategic Accounts at Aberdeen Standard, as they provide an overview of how advisors can incorporate commodities and alternatives in their practices. During this webinar, John and Stan will cover:

  • An update on broad market views

  • How John uses commodities and alternatives in his firm’s portfolios

  • How Aberdeen Standard Investments’ products help advisors easily tap into this valuable space

Space is limited - register today!

Click here to register

Best, John Davi

Founder & CIO of Astoria

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