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Astoria is Tilting Towards US Value, Emerging Markets, International Developed, China, & Commodities

Click here to watch Astoria’s first TV interview of the new decade

Because capital is always allocated looking for the highest return per unit of risk (liquidity adjusted; this part is key), previous winners rarely repeat in the years ahead.

Investors continue to pile into US bond funds, US large cap indices, and US growth stocks. Ten years from now, we doubt these will be the big winners.

In Astoria’s first TV interview of the new decade, we spoke about a few secular investing trends we believe will be attractive in the years ahead.

Nobody is talking about commodities or inflation. Astoria, however, is modeling for both in our ETF portfolios. Similarly, we spoke about investing overseas (China, EM, etc). Everyone was scared to invest internationally in 2019 (Brexit, the inverted Bulgarian yield curve, Hong Kong protests, trade wars, etc). So what happened? Broad based International indices were up 25-30% in 2019.


Astoria Portfolio Advisors

Astoria Portfolio Advisors Disclosure: As of the time of this writing and TV interview, Astoria held positions in KBWB, XLF, DON, MCHI, COMB, GLD, IAU, and GLDM across a variety of our ETF model portfolios. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of our ETF holdings across either Astoria’s dynamic or strategic ETF portfolios. Our holdings will vary depending on risk tolerances, tracking error bands, and client mandates. For full disclosure, please refer to our website.

Photo Source: CNBC TV


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