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Astoria Participated on a Podcast with 3D Advisors

“Being long beta was the winning trade during QE induced liquidity supercycle. But that’s no longer the case"

“The easy money has been made in this cycle”

“Commodities have right tail attributes (positive skewness) along with positive carry which make them attractive to own in a portfolio”

“Don’t be married to a position. That usually gets you in trouble”

“We still think investors should hedge their risk assets and diversify their factor exposures”

“Be careful with data mining and extrapolation when evaluating ETFs”

“A breakdown in the stock bond correlation is troublesome for investors who aren’t properly diversified (which unfortunately is the majority)”

“Investors aren’t prepared for a hawkish fed”

“Markets are forward looking and the rate of change is everything”

These were snippets that Astoria's Chief Investment Officer, John Davi, gave during a recent podcast with 3D Advisors.

Best, John Davi

Founder & CIO of Astoria

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