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Astoria Profiled as Outsourced CIO to RIAs

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Astoria was interviewed on Smart Money Circle’s podcast on January 14, 2020 and was profiled on the value proposition of outsourced CIO and sub advisory services to RIAs. We discussed:

  • The importance of tax loss harvesting in ETF managed portfolios

  • The importance of limiting the volatility of clients’ portfolios

  • Using outsourced CIO services to leverage your business


Astoria Portfolio Advisors

Disclosure: Note that Astoria maintains a set of strategic and dynamic asset allocation ETF portfolios where the holdings and performance will vary between both set of strategies. In this podcast, the performance and Sharpe Ratio of our dynamic ETF model portfolios was referenced. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Sharpe Ratio is used to help investors understand the return of an investment compared to its risk. Sharpe Ratio is the average return earned in excess of the risk-free rate per unit of volatility or total risk.

For detailed statistics on Astoria’s performance and risk metrics please contact Astoria directly at

The model performance discussed in the podcast represents only the results of Astoria Portfolio Advisors for the relevant time period mentioned and do not represent the results of actual trading of investor assets unless otherwise indicated. Model portfolio performance is the result of the application of the Astoria Portfolio Advisors proprietary investment process. Model performance has inherent limitations. The results are theoretical and do not reflect any investor’s actual experience with owning, trading or managing an actual investment account. Thus, the performance shown does not reflect the impact that material economic and market factors had or might have had on decision making if actual investor money had been managed.

Model portfolio performance for the US Thematic Equity Model, Retirement Asset Allocation Strategy, Dynamic Aggressive Model, Multi-Asset Risk Strategy (US Version), Dynamic Growth Model, Dynamic Growth & Income Model, Dynamic Conservative Model, and Risk Managed Dynamic Income Model is shown net of the model advisory fee of 0.15% charged by Astoria Portfolio Advisors and does not include trading costs. Astoria’s Multi-Asset Risk Strategy performance is shown net of advisory fee of 0.50% charged by Astoria Portfolio Advisors and reflects the deduction of trading costs. The model performance record prior to June 9, 2017 includes the performance record established by the Portfolio Manager while affiliated with a prior firm. The model delivery performance results are net of Astoria Portfolio Advisors’ fee and does not include any additional advisory fees charged by advisors employing Astoria’s models. Any additional fees charged by an advisor will reduce an investor’s return. Performance results shown include the reinvestment of dividends and interest on cash balances where applicable. The data used to calculate the model performance was obtained from sources deemed reliable and then organized and presented by Astoria Portfolio Advisors. The performance calculations have not been audited by any third party. Actual performance of client portfolios may differ materially due to the timing related to additional client deposits or withdrawals and the actual deployment and investment of a client portfolio, the reinvestment of dividends, the length of time various positions are held, the client’s objectives and restrictions, and fees and expenses incurred by any specific individual portfolio.

For full disclosure, please refer to our website.


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