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Astoria to Participate in a Webcast with IndexIQ and ETF Trends

Most portfolios are overly exposed to the stock/bond correlation risk.

Astoria Portfolio Advisors has been vocal about including alternative strategies in a multi-asset portfolio.

The key is to find strategies that have negative or very low correlations to stocks & bonds (and that carry well).

Astoria’s Founder and CIO, John Davi, will be participating in a webcast on February 14th at 2PM EST with IndexIQ and ETF Trends to discuss:

  1. Astoria's portfolio construction process

  2. Astoria's global economic/investment strategy outlook

  3. Why merger arbitrage can be an attractive solution in a multi-asset portfolio

Click here to register for the webcast

Best, John Davi Founder & CIO of Astoria

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