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ETF Strategies For Today's (And Tomorrow's) Markets

Astoria's Founder & CIO, John Davi, will join ETF Trends and Direxion in a webcast on June 19th at 2 pm.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Constructing resilient portfolios to participate on the upside & hedge the downside

  • Building long-term strategies using a small amount (1.25X) of leverage

  • Taking advantage of short-term market movements using higher leverage points

  • The Risk Factor Radar Tool: Employing a systematic approach to selecting the appropriate amount of leverage

Register via this link:


In case you missed it. Astoria recently participated in a podcast and a webcast.

1) Webcast with ETF Trends & Index IQ to discuss the usage of liquid alternatives:

2) Podcast with 3D Advisors to discuss Astoria's investment philosophy and portfolio construction. Click here to listen.

For full disclosure, please refer to this section of our website:


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