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Astoria's TV Interview, Podcasts, and Market Insights.

Trillions: 'Your ETF Guide to the Trade War'. Astoria's Founder & CIO did a podcast with Bloomberg to discuss how to position your portfolio in light of the trade protectionism. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Market pundits keep arguing the economy is in latter stages of the business cycle. Astoria believes we have entered into a new cycle; one in which there is no longer a central bank put. Astoria has added hedges to our portfolio as he year has progressed. Click here to hear what Astoria's Founder & CIO said in a recent Bloomberg TV interview.

In Astoria's view, the drivers behind this year's increased volatility are 1) liquidity is declining 2) global growth (and earnings) are diverging 3) inflation is rising 4) the Fed is behind the curve. Click here to read our latest commentary.

In a recent interview with, Astoria's Founder & CIO discussed the usage of actively managed ETFs, why Astoria uses factor based strategies, and why active management of ETFs is the 'true sweet spot' for investors. Click here to read the interview.

3D Asset Management announced the addition of Astoria's flagship Multi-Asset Risk Strategy (MARS) to its turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP). Click here to read more.

Below is an interview that Astoria did with Joint Venture Events Group on the Fed, portfolio construction, factor investing, and more. This is part of a discussion that Astoria will be participating at the ETF Strategies Summit in Dallas on October 15/16. Click here to read the interview.

Astoria participated in a podcast with Exponential ETFs. We covered everything from Game Theory, portfolio construction, why videogaming is a growing form of entertainment, as well as the good, the bad, and ugly with twitter. Click here to hear the podcast.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Best, John Davi

Founder & CIO of Astoria

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Photo Source: Bloomberg


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