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New and Expanded Services from Astoria Portfolio Advisors

Astoria Portfolio Advisors has invested a significant amount of resources on our technology, research platform, and portfolio construction tools over the past 3 years. 

As we have substantially evolved, we now have the capabilities to do the following: 

  • Develop & manage quantitative alpha stock baskets + ETF beta portfolios (we blend both sleeves to target a specific standard deviation). 

  • Develop income solutions for clients as they are entering or going through retirement. 

  • Monte Carlo simulations to demonstrate probability of success for reaching retirement goals. 

  • Systematic call / put writing strategies. 

  • Portfolio hedging solutions.

  • ESG portfolios at the mutual fund, ETF, and single stock level. 

  • Analyze & track aggregate portfolio and factor risk.

  • Track, analyze, and run regressions on over 60 macro-economic indicators using newly developed computer programming language.

  • Country/sector/regional portfolio tilts.

  • Credit/duration/quality of our fixed income portfolios. 

  • Performance attribution.

We’ve aggregated the above strategies in a newly developed dashboard for Astoria’s solutions as well as those instances where we serve as a non-discretionary advisor and are engaged as an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer.  

We’d love to spend 20 minutes with you and do a video call showing you our new dashboard. Please click here to set up a call with Astoria’s CIO.

Thank you,

Astoria Portfolio Advisors

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