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'Yahoo! Finance' Interview: How Concerned Should Investors be in this Volatile Market?

Most portfolios are NOT positioned for a rising rate environment, a Fed that is behind the curve, rising inflation, and increased levels of volatility.

From our vantage point, most investors aren't properly diversified from correlation perspective (too much exposure to the stock/bond correlation risk). Moreover, investors aren't properly diversified from a factor exposure (the research clearly shows you can get higher risk adjusted returns when you harvest (in a low-cost format and for the long run) a basket of cross asset factors.

If you are interested in hearing more about Astoria’s investment views, you can watch this video we did with Yahoo! Finance on October 11, 2018.

Click here to listen to the interview Best, John Davi Founder & CIO of Astoria For full disclosure, please refer to our website: Click here for Photo Source


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